Susie Lee

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  1. Chasm 4x4ft
  2. Not For Sale 10"x12"
  3. Coast 4x4ft
  4. Seascape 3x4ft
  5. Mountain Loch 4x5ft
  6. Mist and Mountains 4x5ft
  7. Lunan Bay 4x5ft
  8. Loch Lee 4x5ft
  9. Lunan Bay 2 4ftx16"

In 2011 Susie was shortlisted for the prestigeous JOLOMO Scottish Landscape Painting Award. The shortlisted artists showed at the Bryce Hall, The Mound, Edinburgh the week of Thursday 26th May. The award ceremony was held in the Kelvingrove Museum, Glasgow on Friday, 24th June.

The theme of Susie's work then, as now, is nature and it's contrasts; the tranquility and the drama, it's power and it's vulnerability, the scale and the minutae. The work could be described as being a poetic interpretation of the landscape/seascape with this being taken as a metaphor for human emotion. Susie investigates spatial relationships within the environment to describe the subject. Differing compositions strengthen the understanding of the place and an abstraction exists in the selection of images from nature which emphasize the contrast and the emotional response.

Susie explores the tension between the flatness of the picture surface and the illusionary depth within the frame.

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